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Azohaa,known for our deep industry experience and high customer satisfaction. We collaborate with clients globally to solve their most pressing challenges from strategy through execution.

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We provide a full range of high quality, cost-effective Digital marketing and IT solutions to businesses worldwide and deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality framework and service delivery innovation.

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Azohaa look at the latest trends in digital media and technology and how they will impact marketing this year

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Main Features of Azohaa

Our team members share a passion for pushing the limits of the technology frontier and an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service and support.

We maintain close ties with our customers and know their actual needs because it is these needs that play the decisive role in the design of our products and services.To ensure a constant high level of quality, we work with standardized key processes and core products. We work to help people and business throughout the world realize their full potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible. INNOVATIVENESS is being able to apply uncommon thought to arrive at a more efficient, elegant and sustainable solution to a customer problem.

3D Beach Art | Azhoaa

Features of Client With Azohaa

"Our mission is to provide high quality and cost effective custom software development and IT consulting services to our clients. We combine a broad managerial expert with the large pool of extremely qualified software professionals to provide its superior and cost effective service.

We work to help people and business throughout the world realize their full potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.

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Email Marketing

Our Email marketing is an easy to way stay in touch with customers, and the key is to send content of interest with the right frequency for your audience. Well-crafted and segmented list emails are a good way to just say 'Hi' or keep old clients interested. An email is an email, but just translating B2C email campaigns to B2B is a huge pitfall. In B2B there is quite a need for professional email marketing, but often a lack of channel-specific knowledge. Email is still the workhorse of B2B marketing, bringing in conversions and adding value across the customer lifecycle.

Lead Generation

Using tele as well as email marketing and supporting clients across North America, EMEA and APAC across sectors and respondent levels lead generation is the most flourishing and useful way of generating a precise account. It is not necessary that each prospect will agree to the demand however that does not mean he can not be a prospective customer. It may be that the prospect is not happy with the current way the issue is resolved or he has not got a mailers from the company before. We at Azohaa bridge this gap between the prospect and the company and will ensure he is satisfied and converted into a sale.

Demand Generation

Demand generation covers all marketing activities that create awareness about your product, company and industry. It includes a mix of inbound and outbound marketing. Demand generation, like conversion paths, can be thought of as a funnel. Demand generation begins by identifying audiences that are likely to be receptive to the marketing messaging of a brand, before shepherding prospects through a funnel that addresses every stage of the conversion process. However, unlike inbound marketing or traditional conversion paths (both of which play a part in the process), demand generation aligns marketing closely with sales to accomplish these goals.

Appointment Generation

 We deliver qualified appointments generatation program, a full sales pipeline increase lead quality, quantity & ROI . Appointment setting forms the backbone of a strong and healthy sales pipeline. As a sales manager you want to maximize face time with prospects through a consistent stream of good quality meetings lined up for your team week after week. By delivering B2B appointment setting services on a pay-for-performance basis. We set the highest qualified sales appointments by employing our proprietary sequence selling inside sales methodology and a staff of highly trained, full-time inside sales professionals.

Contact Discovery

Sourcing you the right party contacts from multiple professional websites. The quality of your contact database for the marketing or sales program decides the success of your campaigns. We offer you our highly cost effective contact discovery service to solve your lead generation problems.

Account Profiling

Gathering B2B market intelligence through SQL, HQL and MQL leads. At Azohaa account profiling will give you the opportunity to gain in depth understanding on how a potential customer operates, how they are structured, their decision making process, who they currently purchase from and their future plans. Provide management with an insight into markets and lead accounts so they can continually refine sales and marketing strategy our strategy is focused on building an picture of your prospects, their needs and future organization strategy, then using this to promote your organization and technology solutions.

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Email Marketing


Lead Generation

Contact Discovery

Digital Marketing

About Career opportunities

An Effective Branding Strategy is that the Brand Grows and Evolves Over Time.

We know for us to bring forth new ideas, design and branding solutions, we need to be open to diverse views. Different opinions not only help in our endeavour for creative solutions but in fact, are valued in our day to day activities at Azohaa. We pride in ourselves of a workforce consisting of highly qualified, knowledgeable and skilled professionals, making various brands across the sector find a true partner in us. We develop and train the newcomers who want to make a mark in this industry and also give a platform to established names, who are looking for something new. We want to create a working environment where people discover their true potential and deliver it. We have a lively and warm working ambience that encourages the spirit of sharing and exploring newer ideas.

What People Say About Us


Cain Blythe

Azohaa was able to quickly understand our business and market to develop a comprehensive and robust marketing strategy to achieve our key objectives


Will Partington

Azohaa have been extremely easy to work with. They are organised and friendly and have an in depth knowledge of digital that becomes apparent as soon as you meet them


Ganpat roy

Ryan Kerr have delivered above and beyond our expectations. Our new website has received so much positive feedback, and sales since launch .

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